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Glass Shade Desk Lamp

This stylish glass shade desk lamp is perfect for your office! With a stylish design and a long life, this lamp will last for many years. The perfect choice for your office, the home or the office.

Shade Replacement Cover, For Desk Lamp L8.85 W5

Newrays Green Glass Bankers Lamp

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Glass Green Lamp Shade Light 14
With Green Glass Shade
Tapered Tiffany Glass Shade Tabletop Light
Green Glass Shade Bankers Desk Lamps Antique Library Lighting
Dragonfly Stained Glass Desk Lamp 18
Green Glass Shade Pull Chain Tested 14 In

Vintage Bankers Desk Table Lamp

By Underwriters Laboratories


- Green Shade 8734 - Mcfaddin & Co - Read!

Glass Shade Desk Lamp Amazon

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Glass Shade Desk Lamp Ebay

This tiffany table lamp bedside lamp floral stained glass lamp desk light is a great addition to your desk. It is made of plastic and has a green and red hue which is perfect for your style. The lamp is adjustable and can be placed in any position for a perfect light reach. Plus, the tiffany shade will add a touch of color to your office. this is a great desk lamp for a fun and comfortable working environment. The retro bankers are looking good with the green glass shade and the light chain. The brass stand is adding a touch of modern art. this beautiful desk lamp is made from cast metal and is frosted glass shade. It has asynopsis from us news & world report: "the desk lamp isbeautiful and well-made, and ournude woman desk lamp was a perfect match for our eye-catchingand unique office decor. We really loved the way that this lamp made the room feel and our favorite part was the excellent color selection. this powerful bankers desk lamp is from the era of the 1960s. It has a coiled-up light cord and is adorned with a rare vintage cobalt blue bankers desk lamp light ribbed glass shade.